As compared to other weight losing gimmicks and their intense failure rate, the one favoring the consumption of eight to ten glasses of water everyday for weight loss can be a route to success. While you’re contemplating on your fitness in a parallel universe with healthy salads and sugar-free beverages, it is time to snap back to reality and realize how you can reduce a significant amount of weight just by consuming water. Curious to know how? Keep reading!

By vouching to cleanse your body, water also helps to shape you up by igniting your metabolism, suppressing your appetite and getting rid of water weight. Apart from staying hydrated and fresh, what more do you have to lose other than a few extra minutes in the loo by consuming more water every day? Not a bad deal for the sake of getting fit, right?

Here are four ways that can help you lose weight at a significant rate, without much effort

1)      Drink Water Before Each Meal

By drinking a glass of water before every meal, you are basically inviting your tummy to a voyage of sincere weight loss reduction worth eight pounds per year! Studies suggest that by drinking water at least 30 minutes before a meal will help you feel fuller and thus, cause you to consume an average of 75 calories less per meal. Thanks to our poor math and with the aid of our calculator, we conclude that by paying heed to this daily ritual, we could lose an average of 27,000 calories per year. Isn’t it great?

2)      Lock Away Your Sodas And Carbonated Beverages

Whenever you feel the need to consume a soda or a carbonated lime fizz or perhaps any synthetic juices, try to convince yourself that they are bad for your health due to deadly amount of sugar. Instead, chug up a glass of water.Once or twice a week, try to detox your body with fresh citrus juices, since the vitamins and nutrients could do your body good, and wouldn’t commit to weight gain at all. Ever thought weight management will be this simple?

3)      Drink Water in the Morning

If you miss the tanginess of your soda beverages, try squeezing a lemon into a 200ml glass of water and drink it after you wake up in the mornings, on an empty stomach. However, a plain glass of water too, before breakfast, would do the trick quite adequately as well.

4)      Drinking Ice-cold Water

Beside the fact that drinking ice-cold water in 40 degrees is as refreshing as basking in a heavy deluge, intake of ice-cold water tends to energize your body by boosting your metabolism significantly. This is because the ice-cold water causes your body to work harder than with luke warm water. This allows a human body to burn up calories, and therefore, aid in weight loss.


Water is one of the most underrated nutrient, when it comes to weight management. Curious to know how hydration is significant? You will get your answer right here!

Drinking water basically keep you full for longer without consuming high-calorie food items. Other beverages, including tea with milk, juices and cold drinks also do the same but in addition to making you full, they also add on weight. Moreover, water promises to eliminate all the toxins from your body in order to purify your organs, improve their performance and flush out the water weight.

Effective ways of staying hydrated

If you don’t like to water yourself every two hours, that’s fine. There are many other ways to hydrate and detox your body. Some of them are mentioned below

  1. Water in the form of fruits and vegetables

Nature has blessed us with some amazing and beneficial citrus fruits that are not just juicy, but delicious as well. For example, water melon, melon, oranges, grapefruit and strawberries contain a large amount of water in them and are enough to serve the purpose. Similarly, vegetables like cucumber is also a great consideration in this regard.

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  1. Water in the form of Soups

Besides fruits and vegetables, hot or cold soups are also useful in stimulating water consumption. The great thing about soups is that, you can have them as a main meal as well because soups aim to keep you full without gaining extra kilos.

  1. Flavored water

Adding flavor to water is another delicious way of keeping yourself hydrated. You can make detox water by adding fruits in it or can add honey, cinnamon, garlic to taste. These ingredients will not just satisfy your taste buds, but are also significantly beneficial for weight loss.


With the increased rate of obesity, people are searching for easy yet effective ways to get in shape. From weight management to dull skin and blood purification to several other health issues, water promises to solve all your problems.

What are you waiting for? Water yourself now!