Whether you want to fit in your old clothes or simply want to look slimmer in pictures, losing weight does not need any reasons. All you actually need is motivation. Nonetheless, most of us never get the free time on our hands to visit the gym or follow a proper diet. What is the trick to losing weight then?

Don’t fret. Losing weight does not have to be an uphill task anymore as you can merely follow the DIY one minute hacks to make the scale go down without trouble. Want to know how?

Check out the list given below and with the help of no more than 10 hours of waking up on your hands, you can possibly squeeze in the weight loss hacks to look slimmer and smarter swiftly.

Water it!

Water can help you shed a few pounds without any extra efforts. Amazing? Yes. By simply drinking loads of water each day, you can help remove toxins from the body while keeping yourself fuller. Not only will water help you stay active and fresh but it will also help your skin replenish like never before.

The trick? Drink up to 3 liters or more a day and see the difference within days!

Chew Gum!

Chewing any kind of gum is refreshing in itself and guess what? It can also help you lose weight. Research suggests that chewing gum helps boost the metabolic rate and a person can lose up to 10 pounds in a year without making any extra efforts. Moreover, chewing gum will help tighten your neck and jaw muscles, shaping you well for portraits!

Hit the Spice!

Various countries promote spicy food and Thailand and Mexico are among them. While spicy food is different and amazing, it however has more to do than to just to add flavor to the food. Spicy food which has either green chilies, red peppers, capsicum, black and white pepper, jalapeño, etc, are agents of weight loss.

Spices aid in a boosted metabolism, which in return help burn calories quicker. Simply enjoy at least one meal a day full of spices and notice the scale go down within weeks.

Listen to Music

Everyone needs ‘Me’ time and what better to do in free time than listen to your favorite beats? Listening to music not only lightens the mood but will also help you exercise at home even if you don’t want to. Once you make this a habit, you can start exercising on daily basis without any problem.

Portions Matter

Portions matter a lot. Whether you visit Burger King and opt for an upsized meal or simply indulge in buffet treats, all the extra calories should be accounted for.
Meal portions play a vital role in our daily weight gain and we believe you already know what you need to do to maintain your caloric count.
Simply control your portions. Try to eat half of your meal at one time and the other half after 2 hours or so. Not only will you stay full for longer and enjoy the same tasty food twice, but by controlling the size of the meal, you will not end up putting on as many pounds as before.

The Chew Game

Chew and chew and chew! Chew your bite at least 30 times until you gulp it down. This trick will help boost your metabolism and since most of the digestion begins inside the mouth, you will also aid in a smoother digestion.
Moreover, you will end up tricking your brain into eating the same amount while your brain will believe you ate more than needed. Win win?

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Fruit it

Fruits are the best gift of nature and most fruits are perfect for weight loss. Why go for processed foods and bakery items when you can play around a budget, lose weight and add to the vitamins by simply having fruits?
Enjoy at least 2 to 3 fruits a day and lose weight effortlessly. Enjoy eating grapefruit, strawberries, blueberries, bananas, apples, water melon, etc.

Detox Diet

We all need detox every once in a while and what better than a cleansing diet of 2-3 days? Whenever you feel you don’t have plans with your friends and can stay home for the next 3 days without disturbance, simply opt for a detox plan. A detox plan helps you choose healthier food and drink alternatives and aids in the removal of toxins.
An ideal detox plan is to eat fruits and veggies for 3 days while drinking lemon water. Voila!

Ditch Electronics

Do not watch and eat since you will end up eating more than your desired hunger. Since TV and phones can distract you easily, it is understood that a person can easily start binge eating for no reason.