Running those extra miles on the treadmill is highly appreciated, but balancing those calories with sweets and junk food might just not be an idle solution for losing weight, don’t you think?

Exercise and diet has a direct relationship with one another in which both compliment each other. Eating healthy is a great thing. However, when it comes to weight loss, you need to pair your dieting schedule with some physical activities in order to achieve positive results. It is a quick and simple formula of weight reduction you might have heard on and off.

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Besides this universal formula, there are many false concepts people are following blindly. Little do they know, these myths have nothing to do with your fitness. Curious to know what are those? Want to see the other side of the picture? You will find all your answers here!! Mentioned below are 3 weight loss myths that you need to stop believing in right now for the best possible results. Are you ready?

1)      MYTH: Avoid Snacks Like a Plague, When Dieting

During the weight loss process, mostly people tend to believe that snacking in between meals could be bad for the diet, appetite and the body as a whole. If you believe likewise, then you should change your mind instantly before it leads to regrets. The fact is that, if you munch on healthier food such as apples or any other fruits, vegetables, nuts, wholesome salads, or drink skimmed milk and have yogurt or cheese as snacks, then your body will affect from the nutrition and your appetite for the next meal will benefit as well. Don’t believe it? Keep reading

Usually, a large number of people, when on a diet, tend to binge on their meals. But, having healthy snacks can in turn help to reduce your appetite for the next meal, thus preventing you from overeating. It is better to have small portions of meals five times a day than to overeat thrice a day. Portion control is the key, but dieting doesn’t mean starving yourself. Healthy eating is all about replacing inorganic food with better options that are not just low in calories, but will also keep you full for longer.

It is suggested to divide your main meals in portions and eat some healthy snacks in between for the sake of weight loss and overall health.

2)      MYTH: Avoid carbohydrates at all cost!

There is nothing wrong with having carbohydrates in your diet for weight loss. Sure, you can ditch the processed carbs, but it doesn’t mean that you have to live without low carbs as well, until and unless you achieve your goals.

Lots of nutrients fall into this category, and your body can use these nutrients to burn extra body fat. For example, whole grains (such as thick brown bread, rice and beans) are highly essential to help your body stay amiable towards potential energy expenditures. You might have heard that excess of anything is bad. Similar is the case with carbohydrates. You need to balance out all the nutrients for better results. Not too much, nor too less!

3)      MYTH: Eating constantly along with heavy workout can balance it out

Eating fast food and then coming home to burn those extra calories off immediately seems like an ideal solution to our weight loss woes, doesn’t it? In fact, it’s not! Give your metabolism a break, and acknowledge the fact that it may gradually slow down with increasing age. Pigging out on delicious, greasy food might give you tummies a whirl, but is it worth all the pain?

Most people think that with by eating heavy meals and working out intensely would help them in balancing calories in v/s calories out. However, the reality is bitter. Your lifestyle and dietary habits need to compliment your workout regimen at all times else your gym money will go down the drain.

If you consider walking an extra mile a day as enough exercise, then think again! Try to morph your couch potato status into something more complacent with a well-instructed exercise pattern. This will help you to get better, long-lasting and worthwhile results.

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Life is not smooth, but it is all about balancing things because excess of anything is bad. Weight management doesn’t require much effort, but your devotion and will power. If you have both, then nothing can stop you from being successful. The first thing you should do for weight loss is to stop believing everything blinding. Not everything on internet is true, above-mentioned myths are an example.

Snacking can save you from a lot of sufferings, including hunger pangs, starvation and overeating. You just need to choose healthy snacks wisely. Similarly, carbs are not bad for health altogether, but low carb diet is essential. Finally and most importantly, don’t forget to exercise on a regular basis along with healthy eating.